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  Why does Ezo Beer have tequila?

In 2003, Phred (CEO) decided to take a group of hopheads from Japan with him to the west coast of the US. The mission of the trip was to find new brews to bring back east. Since some of his friends were craving a good tequila bar in town, Phred began asking around. After some interrogation, a Restaurant in the inner Richmond of San Francisco, “Tommy’s Mexican restaurant”, was deemed the place to visit.

As the gang entered Tommy’s, they stood in awe by the walls covered with exotic Tequilas unknown to the East at that time. Julio, the owner of Tommy’s and AKA, the Don of the Tequila world, greeted them and offered them seats at the bar. There, Julio kindly lectured the hopheads on the beauty of Tequila. The complexity of the distilling process, that passion of the growers, the culture, the history…The gang was completely enchanted by Julio’s passionate lecture.

It was not until 2007 when Phred was able to visit Jalisco with Julio in search of the best Tequilas in the world. The tequilas you see below are made by the best distilleries that Phred came across on this expedition. Each bottle is made with love, passion, and an unrivaled drive to make the best quality tequila in the world

We hope that you enjoy these golden (and silver) elixirs as much as we do.

  Tres Mujeres  ★  Mexican Tequila

Tres Mujeres Mexican Tequila Click here for these Tres Mujeres Tequilas:

Tres Mujeres Blanco
Tres Mujeres Reposado
Tres Mujeres Anejo
Tequila Reposado Anfora
Afamado Anejo
Afamado Reposado
Afamado Blanco

  Tequila Tapatio  ★  Mexican Tequila

Click here for other Tequilas:

El Tesero Blanco
El Tesero Platinum
El Tesero Reposado
El Tesero Anejo
El Tesero Platinum
El Tesoro Aniversario
Tapatio Blanco
Tapatio Reposado
Tapatio Anejo

  Tequila ★ Teky Lady , Quiote , EL Toril , etc.

Click here for Tequila Tapatio:

Quiote Anejo
Quiote Reposado
Pintoresc Reposado
El Toril Gold
El Toril Reposado
El Toril Blanco
TEquila Express Joven
Ejidal Joven
Agave nectar

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