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Ezo Beer is in possession of both retail and off premise sales licenses.
We don't sell to persons under 20 years.
Declaration of seller as required by the set trade laws
Seller: Ezo Beer K.K.
Representative: Phred Kaufman
Person in charge of operations: Phred Kaufman
Address: Ezo Beer Building
Maruyama Nishimachi 5-7-57
Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan 064-0944
Tel: 011-614-0191
Fax: 011-351-2652
How to Order / Declaration of Sales Policy

(We ship only within Japan.)

Ways to order: We accept phone, Fax, E-mail and Home Page Shopping cart orders.
 After confirming your order we will inform you as to whether we have stock shipping date and amount due.
Payment methods: COD/Advance Bank transfer
If sending to another party please use bank transfer.
Bank transfer details: Hokuyo Bank
Maruyama Koen Branch
Ordinary Account No. 3313693
Ezo Beer K.K.
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Sapporo Branch
Ordinary Account No. 0878057
Ezo Beer K.K.
Cost other than product: ※Customers will be expected to pay for shipping COD and bank charges
Free delivery within Japan on orders of 48 bottles or more!
Shipping cost:
Hokkaido Tohoku Shinetsu Kanto Chubu Hokuriku
800 yen 900 yen 1100 yen 1100 yen 1500 yen 1500 yen


Kansai Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
1700 yen 1700 yen 1700 yen 1700 yen 1900 yen
  Please note: the above prices are up to 47 bottles.
Time of delivery: Delivery will be within one week of confirmation of order excepting delays due to weather and delays out of our control.
※We will not sell to minors.
In case of bank transfers the goods will be shipped after confirmation of transfer.  Please let us know preferred delivery time.
In case of COD (Daibiki) the order will be processed upon confirmation.  Please let us know your preferred delivery time.
Policy on returns and exchanges
Defective merchandise: In case of receiving defective merchandise, please contact us immediately. We will exchange the merchandise or refund your money.
Non-defective merchandise:  There will be no returns or exchanges of non-defective merchandise.
Mistakes in merchandise and
 quantity caused by our negligence:
We will assume all shipping costs relating to rectification of our mistakes.
  Privacy Policy  
          Any information received on this site will not be passed on to third parties with the exception of requests by a court of law or the National Police agency.          
  We will protect all customers information and privacy.  


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