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Phred Kaufman has spent the better part of his 30 years in Japan as a resident of Sapporo.  Mugishutei (Beer Joint) was started in June of 1980 and with over 300 varieties from over 50 countries has the largest selection of Phred Kaufmanbeer in the orient.  In 1995 he produced the Ezo Beer brand.  (Ezo being the old name for Hokkaido) In conjunction with Rogue Ale of Newport Oregon.  Ezo Beer is always on tap along with 300 kinds of beer and an extensive menu with the best hamburgers in Japan and everything from real Australian meat pies to sea urchin ice cream.  Between beers there is fooze ball and electric darts.  A bit of real America located in the heart of Sapporo.

Ezo Beer was the first beer in Japan to be sold as a "Ji-Beer."  The term "Ji-Beer" derives from "Ji-Zake" a term for Sake produced from local rice.  As no Japanese beers are produced entirely from local ingredients "Ji-Beer" should be considered to mean Microbrew.  Ezo beer has always been hand crafted by John Maier of Rogue Ales located in Newport Oregon.  Newport is the Sister City of Mombetsu in the north of Hokkaido a town famous for its many icebergs.  Mombetsu used to have one Isenberg but he moved to Haifa.

Ezo Beers are a combination of Rogue Ales bottled in bottles specially designed for the Japanese Market and Beers designed especially for the Japanese market for Phred Kaufman.  These include Buckwheat Ale, Chocolate Stout and Hascup Ale, made with Hascup berries from Hokkaido.  Under the stewardship of John Maier, Rogue has won numerous Awards at The Great American Beer Festival.  The International Beer Summit Osaka and many other international competitions.


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Mugishutei System


Cover Charge: ¥900
Beers from: ¥600
Food from: ¥600
Best burgers in Japan from ¥1,300

Cover Charge waived first time if you mention the home page when you come in!

Hamburger & Fries

American Burgers, Australian Meat Pies, British Fish and Chips, Hokkaido Cheese, and Ice Cream.

Phone: 512-4774
Onda Bldg, B1 S.9W.5
Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Japan
Open All year 7 PM to 3 AM Capacity: 50 (40 at Tables, 10 at counter)

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